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I am an inspired and results oriented Intuitive Success Coach, Energy Therapist, Teacher and Mentor. I read people's energy fields and assist them in clearing the blocks to them achieving their fulfilling life. I teach my clients simple and practical tools for living a more joyful, harmonious, loving and energized life from an empowered state rather than a reactive state by understanding and working with their own unique energy body. By combining success coaching and consciously working with the energy body, my clients are able to achieve faster and long lasting results as they become aware of how they are actually creating their life as we are able to go straight to the creation of the block which is causing the symptoms in their physical world. Clients are surprised at how simple it is to understand and integrate into their everyday living.

I began working consciously with energy over 12 years ago out of a need to heal my body after becoming ill and losing the function of my immune and adrenal systems which left me bed ridden and unable to care for myself. I was told there was nothing they could do and I may or may not get better and was given medication to try to help with the excruciating pain. That wasn't going to work for me so I took my healing into my own hands working with many different therapies with the best results coming from energy modalities. I know this stuff works and I am passionate about sharing it with others because I am a living example, I also used these tools to achieve not only my return to health from a long term illness but also a full recovery after dying late in 2015. Today I am living with perfect health, a beautiful family and enjoying my ideal dream life of my version of success, which for me is a life filled with love and joy, harmony and laughter and of course connection and contribution.


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